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They say karts are the closest thing the normal guy will ever be able to get to racing a INDY car.
The motors are getting more and more advanced as are the parts inside them. Don't settle for anything less than the best. Carbon Tech reeds are made from aerospace grade 100% carbon fiber, meaning they last longer and give better performance than any other reed available. We supply Honda HRC of Japan with our reeds because they last the longest and give consistant performance. Our reeds are available in different tensions to suit the track and driving style; Low Tensions (LT) are generally better for tight tracks, and High Tensions (HT) work better for long straights and wide open tracks. Use the same reeds that Scott Speed uses; Carbon Tech reeds.
Year Model Part# Performance Price  
All CR 80 131LT Better Low to Midrange 47.95  
99 TM 80 145LT Better Low to Midrange 47.95  
all standard 100 1KARTLT Better Power Evterywhere 33.95  
all Modified Reed Cages 1KART2LT Maximum Power Possible (larger reeds) 33.95  
2002 CRS125 102M, 102LT 54.95  
all Parilla 125 1KARTLT Better Power Everywhere 33.95  
2002 Pavesi 125 106MT, 106HT 54.95  
93-00 Honda CR125 102LT,102MT or 102HT 54.95  
01-02 Honda CR125 142LT,142MT or 142HT 54.95  
87-02 Honda RS125 106LT,106MT or 106HT 54.95  
94-02 Kawasaki KX125 142LT,142MT or 142HT 54.95  
02- SGM 125 132LT-KT Reeds & siffener kit 109.95  
02- SGM 125 132LT Reeds Only 54.95  
98-03 TM 125 106LT,106MT or 106HT 54.95  
02-03 TM K-9 133LT 54.95  
2002 Vortex 125 142LT, 142MT, 142HT 54.95  
2004 Vortex 125 V125KT 76.95  
2004 Vortex 125 V125HT Reeds Only 54.95  
01-06 Yamaha YZ125 106LT,106MT or 106HT 54.95  
all PCR 135 106LT,106MT or 106HT 54.95  

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