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Reed Info - Installation

1. Clean engine around carbuerator and intake manifold to prevent dirt from falling into your engine.

2. Remove carbuerator and intake manifold.

3. Remove reed cage.

4. Remove stock reed stops and reeds.

5. Place new Carbon Tech reeds on reed cage. Carbon Tech reeds are built with a slight curvature to ensure proper sealing. Try flipping them both ways to see which way seals better. Small gaps between the reeds and reed cage will not affect performance.

6. Reinstall stock reed stops. They will increase the life of your reeds and control reed opening to provide maximum power. We do not recommend the use of thread locker on the screws. If you use it, use it sparingly. Excessive thread locker will seep out and cause the reeds not to seal.

7. Reinstall the reed block using a new gasket if required.

8. Reinstall carbuerator and intake manifold.

9. Start engine and check for air leaks

10. Carbon Tech reeds will not cause major changes to jetting. In a few motors, low speed jetting will be richened slightly; Install one size smaller pilot jet (flatside)or one half turn leaner or low speed screw (watercraft). Adjust your carbuerator for maximum performance.

Note: All the porting and trickest parts in the world will not make up for a poorly maintained engine. Get your engine in excellent running condition before trying to modify it.

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